Access Network Services

Subscriber and Leased Line

We lease subscriber connections provided with metal conductors, fixed connections based on subscriber connections and also the upper band of the subscriber connections used in telecommunication.


Leased Line Service Description

Leased Line Price List

VULA Service

Operator customer can order Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA) by choosing VULA VLAN type with operator broadband service. VULA VLAN type changes the operator broadband service to VULA Service. VULA Services are delivered to nearest CO (Central Office) location equipped with VULA NNI.


Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA) Service Description

Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA) Price List


Optical Access Fiber

From the optical access network, we lease subscriber connections for implementing services requiring speed and capacity. Elisa’s Optical Access Fiber connection (optical subscriber connection) is a free and connected optical fiber or fiber pair located in the same centre or centraliser area, between the building distributor and the centre.


Optical Access Fiber Service Description

Optical Access Fiber Price List 

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