Other Capacity Services

IP/MPLS Wholesale Subscriptions

Elisa’s Wholesale IP/MPLS Subscriptions provide for Customers in the Carrier and System Integrator segments an opportunity to serve their End Customers on top of Elisa’s IP/MPLS platform. Elisa creates a closed and secure Layer-3 IP multi-service network between the End Customer’s sites and makes it possible for the Carrier Customer to install his own router at each site.


Key features

  • IP/MPLS subscriptions are scalable in terms of capacity, features and pricing level
  • Each End Customer site can be equipped with an IP/MPLS subscription which is best suitable for needs of the site
  • In addition to a nationwide coverage in Finland, Elisa’s IP/MPLS network is present in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, UK and Netherlands, meaning that wholesale IP/MPLS services are also available in these countries.

Content of the service

  • Access connection from End Customer’s Premises to an access point in Elisa’s IP/MPLS backbone network
  • Connection speed options are from 2M to 10G
  • Membership in one closed Virtual Private Network (MPLS-VPN)
  • IP traffic in the basic traffic class within the customer’s closed network
  • IPv4 routing within the MPLS-VPN
  • Fault repair in accordance with the basic service level defined in the Elisa SLA documentation

Additional services

  • SLA Special Service Levels
  • Traffic prioritization with Class of Services
  • Connection Backup Service
  • Customer premises equipment


For more information about the service, please contact your Elisa Account Manager.


WDM Service

High-speed backbone network connections within Elisa’s nationwide WDM network

Connections implemented using the Elisa WDM service utilise the Elisa WDM backbone network. 
The service is well suited for connections requiring high capacity, such as intercity backbone connections or data transfer between computer rooms. Optical wavelength technology enables implementing the connection with minimum delays and delay fluctuations.

The Elisa WDM service is also available internationally. Please ask for our offer.


Speed 1G - 2,5G

  • Ethernet 1G
  • Fiber Channel 1G
  • Fiber Channel 2G
  • SDH/SONET STM-16/STS-48 2,5G


Speed 4G - 10G

  • Ethernet 10G LAN/WAN
  • Fiber Channel 4G
  • Fiber Channel 8G
  • Fiber Channel 10G
  • SDH/SONET STM-64/STS-192 10G


Speed over 10G

  • SDH/SONET STM-256/STS-768 40G

Transmission Services

In Elisa's Transmission Service circuit-switched connections makes possible synchronized traffic for example to execute traditional exchange services or transmitting television picture.

Speed range
  • 2 Mbit/s (E1)
  • 155 Mbit/s (STM1)
  • 622 Mbit/s (STM4)
Additional services
  • SLA


Local Transmission Connections Price List