Interconnection and International Voice Traffic

Domestic Interconnection Services and Traffic Termination

Elisa provides telecom network operators with a reliable interconnection interface to Elisa’s mobile and fixed telecom networks now basing on SS7. In connection with interfaces Elisa provides a timely and accurate settlement of the interconnection tariffs on monthly basis. Elisa facilitates transit and interconnect services to other Finnish telecom networks as a service to its operator customer in competitive terms. Elisa has several interconnect interface sites and switches available and has interconnect agreements in place with more than 30 Finnish network operators.

International Voice Traffic

International Finnish Partner


Elisa offers international telecommunications services to customers in Finland and abroad. The company provides services to corporate customers, consumers and other operators. For corporate customers, we offer international data services and 999 international call services. For consumers, we offer 999 international calls and the "999 Friends and Family" service.

In addition to Finland, Elisa has operations in Russia, Estonia and Sweden.


The Way We Operate


Elisa International Carrier provides its customers high quality telecommunications services all over the world. We offer leading brands, qualified personnel and professional sales channels. We want to be a strategic partner in our clients' internationalization efforts.

When delivering our services, our priorities are:

  • quality
  • reliable deliveries
  • delivering tailored solutions
  • extensive international maintenance and service network (including 24/7 network monitoring).


International Carrier Business


International telecommunications providers are warmly welcomed at Elisa. Whether your company is an incumbent or an emerging regional company, we are interested in you as key partners of mutually beneficial business relations and true success.

We are continuously seeking for opportunities to improve existing business in close cooperation with our current business partners. We are also looking for new interesting partners in the fields and regions not yet explored by Elisa. With our flexible approach and by valuing long-term profitable relationships almost anything is achievable.



International Services

For international telecommunications providers, Elisa International Carrier offers efficient, reliable, competitive and tailor made range of:

International Voice Termination
Voice Hubbing
Compelete Voice Outsourcing
International Operator Capacity
International Data Services


All our services are developed and coordinated with dedication and carefully implemented with leading partners throughout the industry. Our goal is to maximize the success of our partners and their customers.


International Voice Termination

Elisa has access to both fixed and mobile networks in Finland and various selected markets to offer and provide high quality, nationwide traffic termination and a variety of management services. Elisa International Carrier’s flexible approach provides international partners economical ways to terminate their international traffic through our network.


Voice Hubbing


For centuries, Finland has been a main gateway for trade with Western World and Russia. Today, international telecommunications providers can benefit of this Finnish expertise with Elisa’s hubbing services into and from Russia, the Baltic states, Ukraine and former CIS countries as well as Scandinavia. Elisa International Carrier has established strong partnerships with the first and second tier telecommunication operators in these regions to build a reliable transmission highway offering superior call completion rates and exceptional quality, through extensive fiber and C7 signaling deployment.


Complete Outsourcing Solution

Our core business is high quality (global) voice termination and our wholesale offering is tailored to support carriers with retail base. Our industry best customer service combined together with latest business steering tools and billing solutions makes Elisa especially well suited to handle all international traffic at agreed terms and conditions. Our Carrier customer can concentrate on building and developing its retail customer base. Our price level for the outsourcing service is set to meet business objectives of a carrier and can be benchmarked to agreed level to ensure competitiveness. Our winning characteristics include: SLA to define quality parameters and fault management procedures. All traffic types (fixed, mobile, premium numbers, ISDN) supported. 24/7 quality management (end to end). Comprehensive fraud prevention and screening covering the whole retail stream.


International Operator Capacity


Elisa provides high-quality capacity services to other telecommunications operators. Unlimited capacity and flexibility is achieved by using managed capacity (2 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s), wavelength and dark fiber services. The network is fully protected with automatic restoration and the services are complemented with local tails and professional telco-class colocation services. Services and network is managed by an operations center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Elisa International Carrier provides connectivity from key destinations around the world into Northern Europe, Russia and the Baltics.


International Data Services


In today’s competitive environment it is necessary for an International Carrier to have a global coverage for its services. Elisa has a wholesale offering for other international carriers to utilize our network in Baltic Region, Scandinavia, Russia and Central Europe.


Range of Sophisticated Services

Elisa offers a range of data communications services for wholesale. The services are implemented on top of our fully redundant SDH backbone and our IP and fiber networks. They are all supervised and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our Network Management Centers in Helsinki.

All our services are covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). With both delivery time and availability guaranteed, you can safely concentrate on managing the relationship with your customer.


International network


In today’s competitive environment it is necessary for an International Carrier to have a global coverage for its services. Elisa has a wholesale offering for other international carriers to utilize our network in Baltic Region, Scandinavia, Russia and Central Europe.



Elisa International Carrier has more than 50 active Interconnections worldwide and the worlds 12 largest carriers connected to us.

Elisa has its POP’s in the industry key locations such as Frankfurt,  London, Amsterdam and Stockholm.





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