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Mobile Service Provider Solutions

As you have unique strengths in mobile services, solutions and customers,  Elisa is your number one partner for mobile service provider co-operation in Finland.

Elisa offers the most suitable mobile service provider solutions: from SP model to MVNO model and various enhanced SP models in between. We have a strong experience in 2G/3G mobile business co-operation and implementations.
For SP, Enhanced SP and MVNO Elisa offers best mobile network quality, services and coverage in Finland. With the widest roaming agreement footprint and Vodafone as a partner, Elisa offers experiences and productivity online not only in Finland but internationally as well.

Let’s achieve success together!

Elisa Direct Dial-in Service

The Elisa DDI service provides the Service Providers (SP) the ability to receive calls originating from Finland via Elisa’s telecommunications network using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
Elisa Direct Dial-in Service Description


Elisa guarantees the high performance of its network's functionality. Elisa SLA can be included to the products and services to assure serviceability, network performace and delivery time. With Elisa SLA responsibilities and sanctions are defined.
Extensive and real time reporting tells that your network is working.


Service Description

Wholesale Roaming Access

To receive our reference offer for Wholesale Roaming Access, please email us cscs(at)elisa.fi.
Please include the following information:contact person's name, company name, VAT code, company type (MNO, MVNO, reseller), the service you are interested (Direct Wholesale Roaming Access or Wholesale Roaming Resale Access).

Elisa Direct Wholesale Roaming Access Reference Offer

Elisa Wholesale Resale Roaming Reference Offer

Transmitting free and non-DRM channels to Elisa’s Cable TV and IPTV customers