Carrier Ethernet Services

Ethernet 2.0

Elisa Ethernet 2.0 is wholesale Ethernet capacity service which has been tested to be Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compatible. The service is based on the Metro Ethernet Forum’s E-Access Service type (MEF 33).
Elisa Ethernet 2.0 (Access Ethernet Private Line) Service is a port-based Ethernet service which provides a Layer 2 Operator Virtual Connection (OVC) between the User Network Interface (UNI) at the Subscriber end located in reach of Elisa’s Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN), and the Ethernet Network to Network Interface (ENNI).


The service enables Service Providers to reach out-of-franchise Subscriber locations through Elisa’s Carrier Ethernet Network. Elisa Ethernet 2.0 is a modern and cost effective service.


As a wholesale service Elisa Ethernet 2.0 supports MEF 6.2 based Service Provider’s Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Private-Local Area Network services end to end. Furthermore, it can function as a basis for Layer 3 services. Elisa Ethernet 2.0 is available nationwide in Finland and Baltics.


Key features


  • Layer 2 OVC in Elisa’s CEN
  • Frame size 2000 bytes
  • Electrical RJ45 interface at the Subscriber’s premises
  • Elisa SLA fault repair special service level with extensive service hours and fast respond time
  • Availability in Finland and Baltic countries 


Additional services


  • Class of Service (CoS) for Ethernet traffic
  • SLA Special Service Levels
  • Access Backup Service
  • ENNI Protection Service
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) rental service
  • International Services


Price list of Elisa Ethernet 2.0 Service

Ethernet Network Solution

With the Ethernet Network Solution, we can implement a cost-effective network that can be managed easily according to your customer’s data communications needs. The Ethernet Network Solution gathers together all Ethernet connections between various locations that are monitored 24/7. 


Key features


  • Single invoicing and subscription listing
  • The implementation schedule is easier to coordinate
  • Route-secured connections can be implemented more reliably
  • The status and load factor of the Ethernet network solution can be conveniently checked with the aid of snapshots in the Service window portal


The Ethernet Network Solution is scaled according to the customer’s needs. Connections may be added, changed or removed flexibly to meet changes in business operations or operating environment. The network solution is implemented using Elisa Ethernet services according to the needs of the customer and availability.


Description of Ethernet Network Solution 


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Ethernet Leased Line, Ethernet Hub and Spoke

Based on the Metro Ethernet Forum’s E-Line Service type (MEF 6.2), the Elisa Ethernet Leased Line and Elisa Ethernet Hub and Spoke are  port-based services, providing Layer 2 Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) in the reach of Elisa’s Carrier Ethernet Network (CEN).

The Elisa Ethernet Leased Line service is a point-to-point connection between two User Network Interfaces (UNIs).

The Elisa Ethernet Hub and Spoke service's point-to-multipoint topology enables connect multiple UNIs at the Subscriber locations to an Ethernet Network to Network Interface (ENNI) between Elisa's and Service Provider's CENs. 


Key features


  • Layer 2 EVC in Elisa’s CEN
  • Frame size 1648 bytes for fiber subscriptions
  • Availability in Finland and Baltic countries 
  • Elisa SLA Basic Service Level 


Additional services


  • SLA Special Service Levels
  • Class of Service, CoS
  • Access Backup Service
  • NNI Protection Service (Ethernet Hub and Spoke Service)
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) rental service
  • Dual-fibre Handover
  • International Services


Ethernet Leased Line Price List

Ethernet Spoke Price List

Base Station Connections