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Data Center Co-location Service


We provide state-of-the-art Data Center Co-location Services in Finland and Estonia. With the Elisa Data Center Co-location Service, your company’s assets are located in Elisa’s top-quality data center in a controlled environment.

Our data centers are hyper-connected, equipped with fast and secure connections to the whole world. We provide space from standard to high-security solutions for your needs.

Our top priority is to produce Data Center Co-location Services in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible way. For example, at our Tapiola data center, we use renewable energy, and all the waste heat that the data center produces is processed and recycled for the use of households in the nearby areas.



Check the details of Elisa’s Tapiola co-location center:
Tapiola co-location center


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Description of Co-location Services at Elisa Data Centers


Telco Co-location Service

Elisa’s Telco Co-location Services are available nationwide in Finland and Estonia. Based on your needs, we can provide co-location space, from single units to whole rooms. We use 230 V AC and 48 V DC power supplies with six hours of battery back-up. Diesel generators are also available in several locations.


Please contact our sales team for more information.


Description of Telco Co-Location Service

Price List of Telco Co-Location Service

Tower Site Solutions and Services

We provide wireless communications infrastructure nationwide for mobile and IoT operators, radio stations, authorities’ networks, energy companies, etc. We have over 1,900 towers all over Finland. Our top priority is to produce tower sites in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.


Based on your needs, we can provide solutions and services from package deals to single units.


Key facts

  • High-quality facilities, towers and sites that are regularly inspected and maintained
  • 230 V AC and 48 V DC power supplies with battery back-up
  • High-speed and cost-effective transmission services 
  • A comprehensive range of towers of different heights and types   


If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact:

Heikki Salmela



Cable Duct Services

We lease vacant capacity of our cable ducts and conduits and spaces for MDF termination blocks in our telecom premises to telecommunications operators to install their own telecom cables in.


Description of Lease of Cable Placement Right Service

Price list for Lease of Cable Placement Right


Description of Space for MDF Termination Blocks Service
Price List of Space for MDF Termination Blocks