Telco Infrastructure Services

Co-location and Data Center Services

High-security, top-quality Elisa Data Centers

We provide Data Center Services in more than 16 locations and manage over 60,000 m2 of colocation space. With the Elisa Data Center Service, your company’s server and data communications hardware is located in Elisa’s top-quality data center, in a controlled environment equipped with fast and secure data connections. We provide space for hardware in Elisa’s cabinets or for the customer’s own cabinets in our data center.

By using our premium Data Center Service, your company can secure the availability, security and rapidity of your services, and reduce IT costs by outsourcing part of the infrastructure and automating specific basic functions. Elisa’s expert technical personnel will see to the contractual basic services, while you maintain control over the servers, service content and

Data Center

  • Size 92–500 m2
  • Floor tile type Heavy grade 600 x 600 mm
  • Floor loading 12.5 kN/m2
  • System availability 99.999% per annum
  • Tiering level Tier 2 (Tier 2+ specification: generators – N+1,
    UPS – N+1, cooling – N+1 transformers)


  • Electronic access control, limited access; authorized personnel only
  • 24/7 video monitoring system
  • 24/7 security guard in Estonian Data Center
  • Centralized alarm system
  • Primary stone built spaces underground

Power Supply

  • Data Centers are connected to 10/20 kV or 400 V national electrical networks
  • Distribution network, backed up by diesel generators, delivers power to UPS-, cooling-, extinction- and security systems
  • Use of reserve power up to 7 days
  • Diesel generators and UPS are secured with N+1

Air conditioning and cooling

  • Data centers are overpressured 10–20% in relation to the environment
  • Temperature 23 ±2°C. Our goal is to raise room temperature higher in order to save energy
  • Alarm limits: temperature min. 18°C, max. 27°C
  • CPU cooling package units N+1
  • Closed cooling system. In the summer time cooling is implemented with water cooling technology, in the winter time with free cooling system

Fire control

  • Fully monitored automated detection and alarming
  • Extinction systems; prevent system for water damage or different kinds of gas fire suppression systems
  • Alarms are transferred to the fire and rescue department and Elisa


Telco Equipment Co-Location Service Description

Telco Equipment Co-Location Price List

Cable Duct Services

We lease vacant capacity of our cable ducts and conduits and spaces for MDF termination blocks in our telecom premises to telecommunications operators to install their own telecom cables in.


Lease of Cable Placement Right Service Description

Lease of Cable Placement Right Price List


Space for MDF Termination Blocks Service Description
Space for MDF Termination Blocks Price List

Radio Mast Services

Mast Sites for radio network infrastructure

Elisa provides extensive nationwide services for mobile operators, radio stations, authority networks, energy companies and numerous other radio network owners seeking to focuson their own core business. Elisa is responsible for the network infrastructure from beginning to end.

We acquire the necessary base station sites, apply for permits and build the radio masts and base station infrastructure. We provide high-speed and cost-efficient transimission services at Elisa Mast Sites. The financial benefits gained by bulk purchases of masts and base station infrastructure can be passed on to our customers.After the infrastructure has been adopted, Elisa is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure it manages and for service operations relating to building technology and masts.

Cost-efficient, environmentally responsible

Our top priority is to produce Mast Site Services in a cost-efficient, environmentally responsible way. Use of masts by several operators means fewer mast sites and greater cost-efficiency. Mast sites are selected in cooperation with municipal planning authorities and regional environment centers to find suitable sites, taking into account the landscape and network service quality. Elisa seeks to utilise the existing building stock, which means that operators can place their equipment in the generally unused space in existing buildings.


Mast Sites

  • Over 1 300 Mast Sites
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Air conditioned or ventilated
  • Transmission capacity from 2 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s

Power Supply

  • 230 VAC
  • 48 VDC, battery back-up up to 6 h


  • Site alarms to Elisa
  • Customer-specific alarms are possible to transfer to Elisa
  • Limited access; authorized personnel only